Many people leave their home vulnerable to thieves when they go on holidays by revealing their absence on social media through sharing information such as the dates and locations of holidays and check-ins at airports and hotels, as well as posting holiday snaps.


Without understanding the security settings on social media accounts, many are unwillingly broadcasting that their homes are vacant and therefore vulnerable.  You also put other residents at risk within your development who may have done all the right things.  It is important to update your privacy settings and ensure your posts, updates and photos are only visible to your friends list, not visible to just anyone.  This is a 5 minute task that could save, in particular the 1.7 billion users on Facebook, from knowing your every move.


Ensuring your social media settings are secure is only one step in protecting your property.  Here are some tips for ensuring your property is safe while you enjoy your break.

Top 16 things you need to do before heading on holiday


Inside your home

  • Check all taps, hot water service and laundry hoses for leaks.
  • Ensure the burglar alarm system will work in a power outage, and check if it requires backup batteries.
  • Store valuables in a safety deposit box.
  • Shift any valuable portable items away from windows.
  • Set your alarm.

On your property

  • Clear all gutters (applies to single level units only). Your strata manager would have attended to larger building gutter clearing.
  • Mow lawns and tidy the front yard.
  • Shut, lock and bolt all external doors, windows and gates.
  • Check locks on garages.
  • Check that trees and overhanging branches surrounding the property are safe or advise your strata manager.
  • Use an automatic timer for lamps or lights visible from the front of the property so it looks like someone is home.
  • Securely park your vehicle and ensure they are locked with no valuables left behind.


  • Inform trusted neighbours and request that they collect mail and put out the bins.
  • Prepare a list of emergency contacts to take along on your holiday, including your strata manager.
  • Advise your strata manager of emergency contact details so your property can be accessed if required. (Water and other events can cause substantial damage to property and access to your lot may be required).
  • Enjoy your holiday.